About Us

On the 11th of August, 1976, the first President and now Patron, Dr. S.R. Stevens, of Queensland, and Secretary, Mrs. J. Elliott, of Victoria were elected by the Association. Later two State branches were formed but after that a Limited Liability Company was formed. This resulted in the Queensland Branch becoming The Queensland Percheron Draft Horse Society, which later became a branch of this Association. This Branch no longer exists.

In 1988, this body became an Incorporated Association and the Association's executive took the necessary steps to obtain an Australian Registered Body Number, to enable the Association to operate Nationally; this was finalized in 1994.

Members are encouraged to develop communications at a local, regional and interest group to promote the breed. The Committee is responsible for the registration of horses, general promotion of the breed and National associated activities.

In 1995, steps were taken to recognize Registered Part Percheron Competition Horses, and a Percheron Warmblood Sub-Committee was formed. Subsequently a Percheron Warmblood Register was incorporated within the Stud Book however in October 2012, the Warmblood Sub-Committee was disbanded.

With several chestnut males and females presented for registration in the Stud Book in recent years, a Chestnut Register has been inserted in the Stud Book.