Imported Frozen Semen

It is now become more popular for our Members
to use frozen and chilled transported semen from Percheron stallions around Australia.

The PHBAA have also purchased frozen imported semen from two les Haras nationaux approved French Percheron stallions, Oscar 566 and
Terkasso du Vairais which is now available
to our Members for $350 per breeding dose.

Frozen semen is stored at Equivet Australia, a specialty equine practice located on the Darling Downs in Queensland and operated by Dr Max Wilson and his partner Dr Robyn Woodward.

The PHBAA highly recommend Equivet Australia
for frozen semen inseminations as Equivet
Australia specialise in chilled and frozen semen inseminations, embryo transfers, semen
collection and general equine medicine and

If you choose to inseminate your mare
elsewhere, the cost to transport the semen is at
the purchasers expense. We also recommend
taking out insurance to cover the semen while
in transit to its final destination.

Service certificates will be issued once foals are
on the ground and a signed Artificial Breeding
certificate is produced from a qualified veterinary

Click Here to Download 2012/13 Contract

Click image to download the Purchasers Contract

Oscar 566 (296388) France - Trait (Hugo / Houpette)- 168cm

Hugo 291182 Balzac 287618
Sergent 284110
Presente 282503
Samba 284519
Negateur 281501
Idole 279332
Houpette 290997 Sauteur 284278 Nebluleux 281130
Parieuse 282927
Tamise 285002 Ocean 282154
Image (ni)

Terkasso du Vairais (300225) France - Dilgencier (Picasso des Hates / Kermane du Tremblay) - Grandsire Galopin 290740

Picasso des Hates 298447 Galopin 290740
Neubourg 281510
Vaillante 286671
Gelinotte 290739
Roitelet 283826
Salva 284023
Kermane du Tremblay 293328 Gaspard 290376 Quarte 283134
Caline 288387
Belle Brune 288029 Sarrazin 284467
Picardie 282353

For more information and photos, please contact the Secretary.